Honest Food

Right here in our fields on 436 River Road that bank onto the Rideau River proudly on NCC land. No chemicals, no artificial fertilizer, no GMO trickery. Just naturally enriched soil beds that yield an abundance of succulent greens and hearty roots that are full of nutrients and flavour. This is the way your food was always meant to be.

Early each spring, I offer shares in the anticipated harvest of fresh vegetables.  Each week you will share in our passion for growing when you receive a bin of fresh, organically grown produce carefully picked at their peak and delivered to your home.

Mike’s Garden Harvest is more than simply delivering freshly harvested organic vegetables to your door, though it can be simply just that. For those who wish it, it can also be about allowing you and your family to see and taste their food where it is grown right here in the Ottawa Valley. It can also be about strengthening community ties with updates of farm news and the sharing of favorite recipe ideas by way of a weekly newsletter. And finally, it can also be about collectively savoring the amazing varieties of vegetables as they each take their turn on the season’s center stage and on your kitchen table.

Each year I showcase a broad and interesting selection of varieties that are thoughtfully chosen.  The organic seeds are planted in the rich soil beds that are attentively maintained.  I am strongly committed to sustainable mindset that yields honest food nourishing both you and the soil that it comes from.

Under the stewardship of attentive eyes and caring hands while working in among the rows each plant tells its own tale as the season unfolds. No two years are the same and therein lays my craft. There is nothing more rewarding for my labors than harvesting a full bin of fresh, wholesome greens knowing they are going to the kitchen tables of my family, friends and community.

My name is Mike and I am proud to have this opportunity to offer you 20141102_132233a share in my garden’s harvest with you and yours this season. 

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