Testimonies from last season

Hey Michael,

I did get the basket, and it looks fantastic! The first thing on my agenda for this morning was to email you to tell you that, but you beat me to it.

Thanks so much!

Ashley M.


Hi Mike,

Just wanted to say thanks again for today’s basket. We had the green beans with fresh salmon, local corn and a small salad with the greens. It was fantastic. Tomorrow we are going to do something with the beats.

Casey G.

The basket of goodies was very much enjoyed.  Thank you.

We particularly enjoyed the mesclun mix.  Lots of greens we have not tried before, so wonderful to experience something new!

Thanks so much.

Sue F.


Got the box. Thanks very much! The beans are amazing.

Best Regards Kevin …..



We just want to say thank you for this season’s first veggie supply 🙂 The salad mixes are great! Love the radishes!!!

Looking forward to the rest of the season’s “goodies”

Thank you,

Ewa and Matt


Hi, I thought I’d send an email.

I’m quite happy to be part of this venture. It just gives me a good feeling. I’m always pleased to support a local business.

That said, the quantity of vegetables arriving all at once is a lot for me. I was wondering if, next season, it would be possible to donate my share to a foodbank. Or part of it.

I sincerely hope it’s going well.

Michelle L.

Thank you for following up! We got last night.  We are feasting on them today with some new recipes.  Carol unleashed!!   The veggies look and taste great!!!

Peter M.


Our first salad!!  Thank you so much.

Arika Y.