The Micro-Greens

The world of flavor and color that is the Micro-Green can be found here, year round at Mike’s Garden Harvest.

20150203_221055Ok..that’s a little bit ‘much’ ..but having spent nearly a year working closely with some of the most inspired chefs in the city to develop a unique selection that will contribute to the value of your plate I am pretty confident that you will be pleased.

  • Full 10” x 20” full trays delivered with the crop in peak condition
  • Delivery twice a week if so required (old trays are picked up)
  • Split trays available upon request
  • Custom flavors/blends upon request
  • Yes, we can do ‘one off’ special orders

Currently featuring: 

Corn: Blanched and so sweet – great with roasted nuts or game 

Peas: Longevity – drizzled with seed oil and served with white fish20150124_140505 

Mung Beans – Lasts long – pallet cleansing – for spicy or salty dishes 

Oriental Mustard – For that unmistakable ‘wow’ factor 

Radishes – Zing!! Both for the eye and the mouth 

Beets, Amaranth, Red Planet leafy greens – For colour 

Mesclun – A very intriguing leafy green mix with bite 

Broccoli Brassica and Gourmet blends – fantastic for deli sandwiches 

Herbs – Caraway, Amaranth, Dill, Arugula, Basil 20150125_201111

Grasses: Rye, Red Clover, Wheat


~~If there is something you  don’t see and you want…just ask! Most things are grown to order to ensure quality, freshness while minimizing waste but it never hurts to contact me ~~