Iqaluit & Beyond

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First of all..thank you for your inquiry and for giving me a chance to explain myself.20160429_125949

Short answer is yes…I am going to ship to Iqaluit. Just like my customers here in Ottawa, I am going to harvest and then immediately wash, pack and deliver. In your case..there is a plane in the middle of things.  I spent the winter working for First Air. Three times a week I saw really great fish come down from the north to be picked up by The Whalebone which is one of our finer restaurants. I reasoned..if really good food can come down from the North…why can’t really great food go up north in return? I worked for First Air in Ottawa for the winter and have stood in the warehouse and have seen what goes up. I know I can do better. Not because I am amazing or anything..just by virtue of the fact that while yes, I am a good farmer..but mostly because my farm is in the shadow of the airport and I am able to harvest, wash, pack and put on the plane and get it to you within a 24 hour time span. Knowing people both in the First Air warehouse both here and there is also a help.

I am also charging exactly the same to I do to my customers here. The purpose in the flyers which were not Iqaluit specific was to gauge the response so when I went to First Air and Nutrition North I had would hopefully enter those discussions with a certain momentum.

Now that I am back here, I have engaged someone to create an e-commerce page for my website that is Iqaluit specific.  I talked to someone who does this work and quite by good fortune happens to be the Mom of someone who is in Iqaluit :-)) What I think would work well for you folks is a list with items that are grouped in units of weight. You can select an item and then the weigh (give or take an ounce or two)  So, then when you take your cart and click to go to the cash, the item costs and the additional shipping costs are all added and you can see exactly what your order is going to cost you.  Place your order and you will get an expected date of delivery.  I will harvest for Iqaluit at the same time I am harvesting for my CSA and markets here…so there will be a standard cut off date established.

While I will have to be sustainable…I have interest in taking advantage. I have raised my sons and this is me simply trying to do something that is worthwhile. If you have thoughts or insights that you would like to share or more questions please feel free to do so.

Growing good food for the good people of Iqaluit ..would be a privilege. I have 500lbs of seed potatoes arriving today..I would like nothing more than if they were being planted for you folk 🙂

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or suggestions about how this will or could work. I am expecting to have this up and running by the end of May.

Thank you so much,