Options & Prices

So these are the options for those of you who want to purchase my vegetables. In a CSA model, things have to be a bit streamlined to ensure that everyone gets treated fairly. I have to be efficient also because we are dealing with something that is perishable.  The goal is to offer enough options that best suit a variety of situations so that you are able to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Please go to the ‘What’s growing?’ section if you are looking to seeing what vegetables are being showcased this year. CSA deliveries/farm pick ups on Wednesday and Thursdays. Stay tuned for details.

The FULL SEASON SHARE: $545.00 (Delivery included) Sign me up!
One basket delivered/picked up on a weekly basis from approximately the week of June 18th/25th to the week of October 15th/22nd over the course of 18 weeks. Each basket will have up to 7 to 10 different items depending on the time of season and type of season we are having.

This is a possible example of what you might well find in your basket by mid-season:

1lb of beans (green/yellow or purple)
2lbs of carrots
3 Cucumbers
1 Eggplant
1 Head of lettuce
1 bunch of green onions
2 Peppers
2lbs of Tomatoes
2lbs of baby potatoes
1 bunch of basil

The HALF SEASON SHARE: $300.00 (Delivery included) Sign me up!
The baskets for this share option are the same size. The difference from a full share is that you only receiving them every other week. There is an ‘A’ (even weeks) and a ‘B’ (odd weeks) schedule. This is a great option for smaller consumers and/or people who travel a lot in the summer.

The BIG MIKE: $995.00 (Delivery included) Sign me up!
This share is for only for the serious vegetable eating folk. These are the kind of people who are not to be trifled with. They eat a pound of spinach before going to bed at night and an entire raw onion in the morning before breakfast. To these people I say, “Mike’s Garden Harvest is here for you”. This is a double portion of a full season share. This is the best value by volume for a share.

Ok…sounds good…but I still have some questions I need to ask please


Mike’s Flex Sampler 5 Pack: $185.00 (Delivery included)
If you have never done a CSA and just want to try it out OR if you know you will be travelling a lot this summer and just want something special for those times you are entertaining then this is the option for you.  No sign-up is required.  Flex packs contain 5 coupons each and can be be purchased via cash/check or e-Transfer. One week’s notice is appreciated so we know to harvest for you and you are put on the delivery route for that week.  Flex Packs are limited in number and the servings are less ambitious (meaning smaller) than the share baskets. Think..sample pack.

Mike’s Gift Certificates:
Want someone else to enjoy some of Mike’s Garden Harvest? You can purchase attractively designed gift certificates for any amount that you wish. Please contact for details.

Mike’s – a la Carte:
For restaurants who wish to enhance their already delicious entrees by including fresh organically grown local produce. I am sensitive to the challenges that are the nature of this very competitive sector. If you are a Restaurateur or the Executive Chef (or one in the same) please contact me to set upSavourOttawaEmailLogo a meeting so that we can best shape this option to serve the needs of your menu. Also available is a fantastic selection of Micro-Greens and herbs available all year round! I am a proud member of Savour Ottawa

Mike’s – online
You can order a weekly basket from me online from the comfort of your home directly on the Savour Ottawa Online website and then pick it up at the Field House which is adjacent to the Parkdale Market. I will post baskets/produce there as it becomes available. This is a bit more expensive then all the other options because I have to pay a percentage for the service.

Mike at the Farmer’s Market: 
Saturdays at the The Ottawa Farmer’s Market in Byron Park in Westboro. I will have a stall there from 10 to 3 from early May through till October. I am also proud to announce that we will be at the The Heart of Orléans Market on Sundays 10 to 2 starting June 5th through to September 18th. This is a great way to augment your grocery list with a smattering of select vegetables while you are out and about doing your grocery shopping. This is also a CSA pick up location for those that want to come and visit me here every week.

None of the above suit your needs or you have questions you would like to ask?
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