Organic Garden Plots Rent

There are three basic plot sizes

10′ x 12′   is   $75/season - SOLD OUT

20′ x 12'   is   $100/season - SOLD OUT

40’x 12'   is   $125/season - SOLD OUT


From the very beginning the vision has been to connect community to how their food is grown. It has been a long journey and a number of seasons have come and gone. Now the farm is in a position to host and welcome the community of gardeners by renting out garden plots. You all come from different places in the world but you share a passion for working your hands in the soil and with great care, nurturing all the good things that come from it.

It is wonderful to have you here!


Garden plots for 2022 are now booked and we are not accepting applications for 2023 until March 1st, 2023.

The Gardener’s Guidelines

The next step is to fill out:

sign up sheet

and send via email to or drop it off in person at Mike's Garden Harvest. 
Payment can be made either by cash in person or by e-transfer.

Why Mike’s Garden Harvest Garden Plot?


All plots have irrigation to draw from for ease of hand watering

Tested Soil

Performed annually and the results are available to all the gardeners.

Prepped land

The land is tiled, tilled and ready for you as the weather permits.

Picnic spot

We are right on the Rideau river

Fertile soil

The soil is a fertile light clay loam which will do very well for us.


Any weeds come at no extra charge :-p

Check Availability

The Garden plots for 2022 have been SOLD OUT.  Please consider purchasing a CSA share and start by clicking the button on the right.

With respect to our current gardening community who are currently in residence for 2022, we will not make any plots available until March 1st, 2023.  We don't keep waiting lists so we simply encourage you to read our Gardener's Guidelines linked below

The Gardener’s Guidelines

and contact us any time after then.  If we have room we will happily welcome you.