Our determined goal for the farm is to create a program here for Iqaluit where there is an entire field set aside that will be dedicated for food production for your community.  This is supported by our greenhouse and packing/washing and cold storage to ensure good food quality and the longest possible season.  I am not there yet. The trailer is on site and the greenhouse is well on the way to being built but isn’t completed.  The goal is to have these things in place by the next season.

So…in the meantime and as a ways to help us all get ‘there’ ..

With 2,000 feet of tomatoes just starting to turn ripe, peppers coming on strong, broccoli, carrots and beets looking strong we are back end heavy.  This season boasts of the best kale and chard I’ve ever grown, zucchini and cucumbers and beans still producing gives me a lot of nice variety to choose from.  Potatoes and squash and a variety of cut greens of course as well.

We are offering weeks starting the week of September 20th and going to October the 18th. This means you will be receiving our Thanksgiving box which is a perennial favorite.  Just like last year it is $350 and each box will be guaranteed to be full of variety of fresh organic produce and weighing over 10lbs packaging excluded.

E-transfers to mike@mikesgardenharvest.com seem to be the easiest.

Michael Lockley is the Iqaluit contact and convenient pick up arrangements will be made through him.

Truly hoping you will be a part of our season and looking forward to continuing to serve our dear friends to the north 🙂  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.