Employment and Internships at MGH


The two paid positions available for the 2016 season have already been filled and I am very excited about the people who are coming. Both bring a wealth of previous experience which will be greatly valued. If you are interested in joining us and believe you have a set of commercial market garden experiences and suitable education to contribute, please…by all means ..send a resume and covering letter to mike@mikesgardenharvest.com. Thank you in advance for your interest 🙂



Interns are expected to work 5 days a week, approximately 8 hour days. I offer a stipend of $100/week + an additional $25/week bonus after successfully finishing a season.

I have a lovely home in Ottawa South that has in the past housed two sons who have grown and has also been the home for a student at Carleton University who has since graduated. The living room has full scale nursery that can house over 120 trays which can be a lot of fun. There is easy access to public transportation with easy access to life in Ottawa.  Our meals will be shared but the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine are fully accessible.20160523_163706

If you are female, and wanting this experience, and needing housing (as I am now a single male) then equally comfortable but alternative sleeping arrangements can be made.

I believe time, knowledge and wisdom are precious. I am looking for individuals who want to learn to do by doing, and in exchange, work and help build Mike’s Garden Harvest as a model farm that will continue to share the knowledge and build the community behind it! “Leaving the planet better than what we found it!”

Your involvement on the farm is truly valued and the knowledge and experiences that you bring and share are as significant as the work that you are helping to get done. I will answer every question and share all the resources that I draw from. I am willing to be as transparent as possible.

Once per month we will take a day and go and visit another farming operation so that there will be exposure to other interns and methods of farming. Either informally or formally we will participate in the CRAFT program. Locations selected will reflect the interests of the interns.

If interns also want to explore their own experiments outside of the workday, I gladly offer guidance and practical supplies.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!  I appreciate your interest 🙂 All inquiries can be directed via the Get in touch page.