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Our Approach

Our Farm

Right here in our fields that bank onto the Rideau River, proudly on NCC land, the best organic veggies in town are grown. No chemicals, no artificial fertilizer, no GMO trickery. Just naturally enriched soil beds that yield an abundance of succulent greens and hearty roots that are full of nutrients and flavour. This is the way the food was always meant to be.

Early each spring, we offer shares in the anticipated harvest of fresh vegetables. Each week you will share in our passion for growing when you receive a bin of fresh, organically grown produce carefully picked at their peak and delivered to your home.

Our Story

Our Mission

We grow organically nourishing our soil, ourselves and our community.

Our Vision

To build a vibrant, sustainable farm where there was once none

Meet Mike


Mike has become driven by developing a full scale market garden that champions bio-dynamic practices. Like those farmers who inspired him, Mike knows firsthand, that you will be able to taste the difference that ‘organically grown with care’ does make.

Mike Organic CSA Veggie box

Mike Milsom

Founder & Main Farmer / Gardener


"Nothing beats the burst of flavor that came from an apple still dripping with the early morning dew. Succulent tomatoes, still warm from the sun are a pretty close second and you had not lived till you had eaten tender green onions in season on freshly baked bread"

As a young man, working on different kinds of farming operations he found that the best farmers were the ones who nurtured and cared for what they grew. Their passion for the earth and the things that grow in it inspired him and he sought to further his understanding by enrolling in the Farm Management program at the University of Guelph. Hours spent in seed rooms, soil labs and field trial plots motivated him to think outside the box as he learned that conventional farming practices were proving increasingly outmoded and detrimental to our well-being.

Upon completing his studies, he rejoined his father to help develop and manage the Apple Valley Cider Mill in Collingwood, Ontario. Together, with their knowledge of apples grown in that region, they crafted a uniquely flavorful blend of freshly pressed sweet apple cider. An unwavering commitment to quality quickly got noticed and soon they became a perennial favorite President’s Choice product for Loblaws.

After the passing of his father, Mike dedicated his career choices in a way that allowed him to center on family life. For our purposes, this story may have ended here had it not been for a chance visit of his then adolescent sons to his garden plot. Deeply moved by the way his city raised boys interacted with the garden fresh vegetables, he felt the time was right to commit to growing organically grown produce not just for his family and friends, but also for his community as well.