How to share a recipe


Thank you to those who have been in contact with me or with Mike in order to share a recipe here on the Kitchen Pantry blog. I love to see what others are cooking up with their farm fresh goodness.

If you have a recipe to share the best way to do it is to leave a comment on any of the blog posts. When you read the post you should see a small speech balloon in the top right hand corner or a comment box at the base of the post. If you click on it you can leave a comment letting me know you have a recipe. When you leave a comment it may not appear straight away as all first comments need to be moderated. You also need to leave an email address; rest assured it will not appear on the blog but I will see it and be able to contact you about your recipe.

There are two ways to send me your recipes; if you have a link you can send it to me and I will share it on the blog and on Pinterest. If the recipe is in a book or on a scrap of paper you can photograph it or type it into the email then send it to me. It is not essential to share a photograph of the food you cooked but it is wonderful if you do.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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