Vegetables on my doorstep 4

CSA week 4 list

There are plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables in the mystery box this week with just a pop of red from the radishes and a hint of purple on the lettuce and chard. I have to admit I did a little research to work out identity of each bundle of leaves. The chard has pink stems, the collard greens have huge leaves which means the kale is the other one! Highly scientific I know! Kale comes in various leaf shapes and colours so I may be deceived as the summer goes on.

Do you have plans for your leafy greens this week? Please leave a comment on this post if you have a recipe you’d like to share. I made a chicken salad a few nights ago where I replaced spinach with lettuce and mesclun mix. If you are interested you can find the recipe here, Cranberry, avocado, spinach salad with chicken and orange poppyseed dressing

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