Let’s share some recipes

Thank you for visiting the Kitchen Pantry, a blog for the Mike’s Garden Harvest community to share recipes, information, questions and answers. My name is Heather Telford and I will be posting on the Kitchen Pantry regularly once the produce starts turning up on our doorsteps. I live in Ottawa with my family of five. All of us enjoy food and eating so it was a great adventure last summer to be part of a Community Supported Agriculture project. Early on I nicknamed the weekly tub of vegetables ‘the mystery box’ after the Master Chef challenge of the same name. Most weeks the contents were not a mystery but occasionally there were a few I did not recognise. The real mystery was what we would make with our vegetables.

I kept track of many of the recipes I used when cooking up the contents of our ‘mystery box’ and shared them on my blog. Over the next few weeks I will share some of last year’s recipes here on the Kitchen Pantry. I would love to share recipes you followed or created when using the contents of your box of produce from Mike’s Garden Harvest. If you have a link to an online recipe please leave a comment below. If you are willing to email me a recipe leave a comment and I will be in contact with you.

Any recipes I share here on the blog will also be pinned on the Mike’s Garden Harvest pinterest boards. You will be able to click on the pinned photo to take you to the full recipe.

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